Monday, May 30, 2011

If I had $200 million

                The lottery is at $200 million dollars. I’m going to buy a few tickets tomorrow because, even if I don’t win a dime, one of my favorite fantasies is the “If I won the lottery” game. So, this is what I’d do if I won $200 million dollars:
                First thing’s first- I’m getting the Hell out of North Carolina. I know it’d make a lot of people happy were I to move to Cincinnati but, honestly, with that sort of cash, I can visit enough to suit everyone. No, I’m going home. I’d buy a nice house that over looked Puget Sound- probably some place on the peninsula around the Orcas Islands. I’d want it to be open with lots of windows overlooking the water and a huge deck so I could grab a cup of coffee in the morning and watch the eagles and whales. Something like this:
                And I’d fill it with things from Restoration Hardware:
                Once that was settled, I’d set my folks up with whatever they wanted. The same goes for my brothers. And I’d pay off my aunts’, uncles’, and cousins’ debts. Then, of course, money would be invested for my and Elijah’s futures.
Of course,  Ár nDraíocht Féin ( would receive a sizable donation as well- gotta keep my Pagan peeps rolling in the dough.
So, hooking my family up is taken care of, I’ve sat down with my financial advisor to keep Elijah and me happy, and I’ve done the appropriate tithing. Hmm, well, that still leaves well over $150 million dollars. Let’s party!
Let’s all go to St. Croix for a month, and then spend a few months traveling through Europe. Of course, we’ll have to hit up Asia and parts of Africa and South America. Basically, I’d just travel the world as whim and Elijah’s school schedule allowed, and bring whoever wanted to come along for the ride…. But I’d make you buy your own passport.
Oh, and I’d buy a sailboat for traveling around the islands. Nothing too big- I want to be able to handle it on my own but I don’t want to feel like Jonah the first time we come across an orca, either. Hmm, maybe something like this:
And then, I’d open up my own café. Like, of course, my beloved Le Panier:
And I’d buy my dream car:  (the hatchback, please, in blue).
Oh, and this picture as well….  I really want it as a tattoo, actually…. But where??

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